We at Gethsemane Church believe it is important to share the gospel with everyone! We offer a wide range of classes designed to help each person know how to have eternal life. We hope that you will join us soon, and experience the love of the Gethsemane Church family! 

Youth class at Gethsemane Church in Pekin IL
Video Library

We have something for everyone in our Church library! Looking for a good book, magazine, music CD or a great family movie? We have it!  This is a great free resource for all regular Church attendees! 

Kid's Ministry

We are so happy to have a large and growing number of youth in our Church. Rachel McGee is graduate of Pensacola Christian College with a masters in education. She is a wonderful teacher and the children love her.

Sunday School and Wednesday night Club 3:16 is taught by Sister Rachel, Tabitha, and Judie, and it is always exciting! 

Sunday School 10 A.M.

Wednesday Night Club 3:16   6:45 P.M.

Free Video Library at Gethsemane Church Pekin IL
Owners Manual For Life (Glove Box Bible
Women's Bible Study

We are blessed to have a wonderful ladies Bible study at Gethsemane Church! The Ladies' Bible studies provide accountability to study God's Word, apply what we have learned, and to enjoy the fellowship and support of one another.

Yout Rally
Bus Ministry

We at Gethsemane Church are so blessed to have workers who help provide this service.

The bus ministry has been called the greatest evangelistic tool in the history of the local church. We provide transportation to children, teens, and adults who would not otherwise be able to come to church.

Glove Box Bible

I'm sure you have been to a hotel room and opened the drawer just to find that a Bible was placed there. Countless people with testimonies of changed lives (people who have come to know Jesus) just because a Bible was placed in a drawer.

Our goal is to do this same work with vehicles! We work with dealerships placing the Gospel in each glove box. We are blessed to have dealerships who will allow us to do this work!

Siter Tabitha
Youth Rallies

Several youth conferences are scheduled each year. We choose youth rallies that teach scripture, worship, and still have fun competitive team games, you will be challenged in your faith and encouraged in your time with other believers. We want our youth to learn how to stand firm in God’s word no matter what the circumstances.

Gethsemane Church Bus Pekin IL