Gethsemane Church offers Adult, Teen, and Youth classes!

We at Gethsemane Church believe it is important to share the gospel with everyone! We offer a wide range of classes designed to help each person know how to have eternal life. We hope that you will join us soon, and experience the love of the Gethsemane Church family! 
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Adult Sunday School 
Jesus loves the little children of the world!
Teen Class

Pastor Noyes teaches our adult class where we have scriptural, verse by verse teaching from the Word of God.  We believe this biblical perspective will build a dynamic love relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.  A daily walk is developed that assists the believer in dealing with the battles that life presents them.  Our goal is to arm the believer with the tools to develop a successful Christian life in order to bring Glory and Honor to God.

Sunday Morning at 10 A.M.

If you are a teen we are looking for you!

Gethsemane Church has a great teen class.  Our teens have a great time  with occasional activities.  Bro. Nathan teaches our teen Sunday School class and tailors his lessons to help today's youth with today's problems.  Our main focus for our teen's is for them to personally know JESUS CHRIST as Lord and Saviour and then to grow spiritually. Our lessons and our singing come directly from the King James Bible. 

Sunday Morning at 10 A.M.

music fun and games while learning from the Bible how to be the Christian young person God wants you to be
Youth Class & Master Clubs
Ladies women Bible study young old middle aged welcome
Ladies Bible Study

We are so happy to have a large and growing number of youth in our Church. Sister Tabitha is a wonderful teacher and the children love her. Sunday School and Wednesday night Club 3:16 is taught by Sister Judie, Tabitha, and Rachel, and it is always exciting! 

Sunday School 10 A.M.

Wednesday Night Club 3:16   6:45 P.M.

We are blessed to have a wonderful ladies Bible study at Gethsemane Church! The Ladies' Bible studies provide accountability to study God's Word, apply what we have learned, and to enjoy the fellowship and support of one another.

Call for date and time.

There are opportunities to earn vests, banners, and badges and we end each week with game time and prizes.  Designed for ages 6-12.

Gethsemane Church